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About PMT Machining, Inc.

PMT Machining, Inc.
Founded in the 1990s and headquartered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, PMT Machining, Inc. specializes in the production of both manual and CNC machined parts. PMT machining offers many different precision components to original equipment manufacturers and industrial manufacturers of all sizes.

Our production facility maintains a wide range of the latest high-precision lathes and mills, secondary equipment and finishing machines, backed by an experienced staff of professionals capable of handling a broad range of requests, both small and large. We manufacture a wide variety of products such as plastic gears, bearing hubs, specialty shafts, and much more.

We were founded on the idea that real quality begins with focusing on each of our customer's individual needs, and then finding solutions to meet those needs in an efficient manner. The way we see it, we're not just manufacturing a part but creating a better solution for your company.


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PMT Machining, Inc.
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